first ep

avenue du soleil

is out on fantasy fiction records // nov 20

all by Charley Virtuel



vocals on Continue / Moment / Diamant / Observe composed and performed with Rebel Jel / Sally Brown and recorded with Brandon Walsh


additional keys solo on Continue composed and performed by Joseph Kelly

backing vocals on Diamant composed, performed, and recorded by Madlen Wittenstein and Joseph Kelly


vocals on Mauve composed and performed with Laura Lee / Rebel Jel / Sally Brown and recorded with Brandon Walsh


mastering by Double Claude



Sally Whitton, Jelena Mirceta, Theo Taylor and Dino Gollnick for their support and patience – Joseph Kelly and Madlen Wittenstein for having supported Gorgette from the 1st hour – Brandon Walsh and Rémi Letournelle for soothing the recording process with their time and gear – Benjamin Schickel and Marc Lange for listening to the tracks in loop against their will – Laura Lee and Andrea Doris for saying “everybody can sing” – Will Rattray and Fantasy Fiction for supporting the mixing process and releasing Avenue du soleil – Dena and Cosmic Palms for their remixes – Paul Renard for helping out with the artwork – Amande Dagod for her eternal support and coming up with the name Gorgette – family + friends + people for being

there 🙂


avenue du soleil was produced in between 2018 and 2020 in Berlin, World,

and released in November 2020